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Welcome to Transmissions to the Awakened


~At the very beginning, the incandescent moment of creation, a vibration; A sound was made.~

Every single thing in our Universe is in a state of vibration. From trees, mountains, oceans, stars and galaxies, to electrons orbiting around the nucleus of an atom and our human bodies; As they’re creating movement they are creating vibrations. And every single vibration makes a sound, whether audible or inaudible. Vibration is the universal cosmic key to everything that is, was, and will ever be on this and every dimension. Vibration and sound is humanity’s common link to our own source and is the most potent approach we can take toward our return to it. It is, after all, what and who we are. We are vibrations. We are Transmissions. . . As we awaken to this realization, we become more in-tune and aware of our own personal vibrations and transmissions we emit, the transmissions we receive, and what we can create – both resonant and dissonant.

Our bodies are very much “instruments” of sound, just like a musical instrument. We are able to make and meant to make sounds which help awaken us, heal and protect our physical bodies, and tune us in to our oneness with creation. The more we practice with our “instrument” the more skilled we can become and the more beautiful vibrations we can make.

The awareness of our ability to create vibration through our bodies, along with the other ancient practices described on this web site, help to remind us that we are all unified here and now in this Universe. We originate from the same source. There is only one consciousness that exists, and we are all individual and unique expressions of that consciousness.

I have created this site for us; to help us all relearn some of the basic ancient practices that humanity once knew, but has forgotten. We must reclaim our right to be brazen bold beautiful beings soaring through this life and creating joy. We must relearn our once masterful skills of using sounds and music through our “instruments” to help protect us, heal us, transcend, and ascend us; letting us return to the wonderful benevolence of creation that is and always will be rightfully ours. This journey starts with the discovery of our true selves.

Reaching the sage within us, our true self, takes work. It might not entirely come to you without some honest attempt. This is a dedicated personal and inward journey that could be quite difficult at times to work through. Remember that the bliss that we find on the other side is worth all the work and dedication given to it. By awakening our self, we help to awaken the world. There is no better time than now.

Please visit all the links here that interest you. I would Love for you to visit my download section and begin your journey into using sounds of nature, healing frequencies, binaural beat frequencies, and music to help heal you and stay in tune.

Joyous Journeys and Love To You.


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